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A simple question, which screen reader do you prefer? I like NVDA but I really want to know about your preferences.

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I used Jaws for a long time ago, and stoped using it after 12.0, when I started using NVDA.
I definitely prefer NVDA cause I can do everything that I can do with Jaws, and sometimes NVDA is much more accessible than Jaws. We can count this things as well as a plus point for NVDA. NVDA is small and you can take it to everywhere, and free to use.
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I prefer NVDA too because it's much faster than JAWS, plus that it has certain features that JAWS doesn't have. Furthermore, it's translated in over 50 languages, including Romanian. I've been using it for 5 years.
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I use NVDA, because I can switch NVDA without any additional buings to another languages, if I want and It is very quick screen reader and also, for free.
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