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As everybody knows, you can get money directly in your card withdrawing them from a PayPal balance or when requesting a refund or a purchase cancellation for an app in AppStore or Google Play. Paypal gives you the possibility to transfer money from your PayPal balance to your card or banck account. There is the situation when you have linked a card that is also linked to a banck account set to the currency of your country and a banck account set to another currency such as Euro or the American Dollar. In case you have for example 10 euros in your PayPal account and you wanna put this amount on your card, not on your banck account set to Euro, Paypal will convert it automatically to the banck account currency the card is linked to. When that card recives that amount after 3-5 business days, is the amount available also in the banck account the card is linked to? Is it mentioned in the banck statement?

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