Ask Your Question Rules

Here are the rules of Ask Your question. They should be followed by every user to ensure the good going of our community and to ensure the clean environment for all the users.

1. No spamming:

Sending repetitive questions or answers, private messages or comments is prohibited. Any user found doing it will be punished accordingly.

2. Creating more than one account:

creating more than one account for any purpose is prohibited, one account is enough for the site. Creating more than one account will lead to your newly made accounts deleted.

3. Insulting:

Insulting in any form, Troll, humiliating people in or out of Ask Your Question community, profanity of any kind is prohibited. Doing so will be dealt accordingly.

4. Sharing illegal elements:

Sharing illegal elements such as cracks of any sort, hacking/damaging resources/links, any false information, URLs of outside WebPages which contain inappropriate content are prohibited. Doing so will lead to your account banned.

5. Respect other users:

If a user asks you to stop troubling him or her, you are obliged to do so, not doing it will result in a harsh punishment. Disclaimer: Ask Your Question team is not responsible for any content posted by a user, they are posting by themselves, and if you find inappropriate content, you can flag and give us more information about it, actions will be taken as soon as possible. Please follow the rules, and we’ll get along very well! Have a nice questioning/answering time. The Ask Your Question team.
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